Cost Benefit Analysis- Lithium Batteries

How Energy Works -Understanding energy is important when designing an energy storage system.  It is easy to make the system efficient with a low cost of ownership by understanding the three basic parts of an energy SYSTEM; production, storage and usage.

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Lithium vs Lead acid: Apples to oranges -What makes these technologies different and why is it important?  Every energy storage system is designed for a specific purpose and choosing the right technology can make your money more efficient.

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Difference between Lithium Technologies -Not all lithium is created equal.  While lithium technology has a higher power density than lead acid, there are still differences that make one technology stand apart from the others for your project.

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What is a Battery Management System? -The brain of the battery that controls the performance and longevity of the battery.  Does your battery have one?

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Explaining the LiFePo4 Batteries We Offer -LiFePo4 batteries have changed the way we look at energy storage and we believe that we offer the best system on the market.  Incredible power density combined with significantly reduced weight and space requirements as well as the best BMS on the market make these batteries the best choice for energy storage.

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Battery Types Comparison Chart -Battery technology is hard to understand.  This comparison chart makes it clear that even though batteries may be rated the same, not all batteries are created equal.

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