Battery Types Comparison Chart

Being able to quantify the difference between battery technologies is essential in understanding why one is better than another.  For comparison purposes all batteries will be rated at 12V100Ah.

Flooded Lead Acid Sealed Gel lead acid Lithium-Ion Lithium-Polymer Lithium Iron Phosphate
Rated Ah 100 100 100 100 100
Depth of Discharge 50% 50% 80% 80% 80%
Available Ah 50 Ah 50 Ah 80 Ah 80 Ah 80 Ah
C rating 0.2C(20 amp) 0.2C(20 amp) 0.4 C(40 amp) 0.4C(40 amp) 1C(100 amp)
Battery efficiency 25% 40% 95% 95% 98%
Voltage 13-10V(11V avg) 13-10V(11V avg) 12.6V 12.6V 12.6V
Usable Ah/cycle 12.5 Ah 20 Ah 76 Ah 76 Ah 78 Ah
Power density/cycle 137.5 Wh 220 Wh 957.6 Wh 957.6 Wh 982.8 Wh
Rated cycles 300 1000 2000 2000 3000
Total Power density 41 kWh 220 kWh 1,915 kWh 1,915 kWh 2,948 kWh



V- Volts: The speed of energy transfer
A- Amps: The amount of energy transferred at a given voltage
Ah – Amp Hour: The amount of energy transferred at a given voltage over period of one hour
W- Watt: Total volume of power transferred calculated as V x A = W
Wh – Watt hour: Total volume of power transferred over a period of one hour
kWh – kilowatt hour: Total volume of power transferred over a period of one hour calculated as Wh/1000 (equal to 1000 Wh)

Rated Ah- The number of Ah in one cycle as rated by the manufacturer
Depth of discharge- The percentage of one cycle available to preserve the long-term life of the battery.
Available Ah- The amount of Ah available in one cycle calculated as Rated Ah x Depth of discharge
C Rating- The rated output of the battery based on the rated Ah of the battery calculated as C x Rated Ah. (1C x 100Ah= 100 Amp output) The C rating listed is what the manufacturer to preserve long-term life. This does not represent the capability of the battery.
Battery efficiency- The ability for the battery to transfer energy in and out of the battery listed as a percentage. (50% efficiency means that the battery can charge/discharge 50% of the total energy)
Usable Ah/cycle- Available Ah x battery efficiency
Power density/cycle- Avg voltage x usable Ah/cycle = Wh/cycle
Rated Cycles- The total charge/discharge cycles rated by the manufacture at a given depth of discharge and C rating
Total Power density- Power density/cycle x Rated cycles